By Peter B. Gillis & Frank Brunner.


When WARP, the world’s first science fiction play in serial form, opened on Broadway at the Ambassador Theater in New York, that’s what The New York Times proclaimed: “A COMIC BOOK COME TO LIFE!”  Except that in 1973 there was no comic book that it came to life from —  it had sprung full born from Chicago's Organic Theater. No comic book. No graphic novel. No anything else. Just rampant creativity taking place nightly, live and in person.

But The Times was clairvoyant. Because the book you have in your hands opens with the very first comic book from 1FIRST COMICS — Issue Number 1 of WARP. It is the comic book which launched what became 1FIRST COMICS' legendary 1980s title run of comic books and graphic novels. Through Peter Gillis’ masterful scripting and Frank Brunner’s incredible art, the nine comic book issues between these pages brought to the world a singular adaptation of the WARP theatrical trilogy. The contents inside this cover and the plays which they adapt were the product of incredible creative expression by literally dozens of people from all walks of life, including writers, creators, editors, actors, designers, technicians, artists and a host of behind the scenes persons who made The New York Times’ premonition come to be thirty years ago — a comic book come to life. And those wonderful comics have never been collected. Until now.

With rare art not seen in 30 years from WARP art director Neal Adams, with each issue brilliantly recolored by Alex Wald to take advantage of the best modern printing has to offer, and with Frank Brunner’s spectacular new cover done specifically for this celebration, this 1FIRST COMICS’ collected 30th anniversary edition of the WARP trilogy adaptation will be the definitive presentation, to be treasured for years to come.



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