THE SCRIBBLER Director’s Cut Graphic Novel

By Dan Schaffer

 THE  SCRIBBLER Director’s Cut Graphic Novel is here NOW! Contains Dan Schaffer’s brilliant graphic novel plus previously unseen cast stills from THE SCRIBBLER FEATURE FILM! This is a LIMITED EDITION with an under 200 printing – ORDER NOW!

Institutionalized for years with multiple personality disorder, Suki is subjected to an experimental machine’s SIAMESE BURN THERAPY which jarringly burns away her personalities, one by one. But her non-speaking genius alter THE SCRIBBLER is having none of it, and begins rewiring the machine. Meanwhile, the seedy mental health halfway house she’s been released to has had a steady stream of resident suicides by jumping off the roof – all since Suki moved in, and all when she’s blacked out from a burn therapy treatment. 

Says writer/artist Bryan Talbot: Dan Schaffer has risen to a new level of excellence both in art and storytelling. THE SCRIBBLER graphic novel is brilliant.”



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