SERVING SUPES Limited Edition Convention Special

By Steve Stern, Matt Yuan and John Yuan.

Sometimes even super-heroes screw up.  And when that happens, what’s a poor victim to do? What everyone does to anyone else – get a lawyer and sue their ass!  But who has the courage, the fortitude...the cluelessness... to serve a Summons and Complaint on super deadbeats like the fearsome Ocelot or the cunning Dominatrix? Call in the twin Hero Hunters Cheech and Clive O’Huang!

Of course every dauntless process server must rely on an expert team in the home office for technical and paralegal support. Unfortunately Cheech and Clive must rely on ex-child star Juergen, brainiac alien Tammy, and tactical officer Sergeant Liz, who gives new meaning to the term “gun lover.” They’d probably give the boys their all… if they ever got paid. Would a big payday solve a lot of problems for the boys and their crew? And which would bring in more cashola---a ten grand fee from a bail  bondsman for finding some skipped super-powered miscreant, or selling the Dominatrix’s Whip of Truth to fanboys on eBay?

From Creators Steve Stern and Matt and JohnYuan, the very very funny twins, from the very very funny feature film OBSERVE AND REPORT!




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