By Glenn Farrington & The Fillbach Brothers. 22 Oversized pages.

"Five lives. One day. Some days matter more than others."

It's rare that I come across a pure gem of a comic book, one that tells a story so succinctly and effortlessly that I'm compelled to immediately read it a second and a third time in the same sitting. Writer Glenn Farrington takes a risk here...the first 17 pages of the 22 page book are silent. That's a long time to be kept constrained as a voyeurs of people setting about their preparations and executions of a new work day. Credit The Fillbach Brothers whose minimalist black-and-white artwork supplies just enough visual cues for the reader to make the connections and suss out the plot. Their sequential storytelling is fantastic! Many readers will find LIVES personally meaningful...I would also add it to the list of required reading for anyone interested in the craft of creating comics without the clutter of dialogue, of the magic inherent to "Show, Don't Tell." —— NEWSARAMA review by Jeff Marsick


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