BOB HOWARD Plumber of the Unknown: Caught in the Trap

By Rafael Nieves and Dan Dougherty. Introduction by Brian Azzarello.

Keeping the world safe from things that go SHLURP in the night!

Meet BOB HOWARD, plumber — a quiet, average guy with an ordinary job that he takes great pride in doing, and doing well...if only those damned monsters would stop showing up everywhere to try to kill him!

The creators of The Apocalypse Plan bring you the story of a very reluctant hero, a man determined to find some peace from the things that go shlurp in the night.  Join Bob Howard as he travels from job to job, from plumber to babysitter to dance-club bouncer, battling all manner of beasties and boogeymen, using only his wits and a seriously big-ass wrench called Big Daddy to overcome seemingly impossible odds!

Bob Howard, Plumber of the Unknown collects and expands on the first four self-published issues of the book that Creator-Owned Comics called an “ode to all things that scare us in the pulp goodness of Lovecraft or the eloquent nightmares of Poe.”


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